The PEACE OF THE CITY FILM SERIES is held monthly at Portland Mennonite Church, at 1312 SE 35th Ave. The series was founded in the week after the 2016 presidential election, as a response to the landscape of political and cultural polarization that the election outcome revealed.

The series is a project of New York-based documentary distribution firm Film Sprout, and is programmed and curated by Film Sprout's founder Caitlin Boyle. Intended as a forum for nonpartisan dialogue, civic engagement and citizen education, the PEACE OF THE CITY FILM SERIES is supported by the generous donations of its audiences, the hospitality of the Portland Mennonite Church, and the vibrant and dynamic documentary film community in the United States, which upholds a tradition of investigating, observing and translating the most pressing social issues of our time. 

To attend a screening, please join us on select Friday nights of each month. Admission is free and open to the public, but donations are gratefully accepted and provide direct support to filmmakers whose work is showcased.

To support the series, please spread the word, invite a friend, and give generously when we pass the hat at screenings. To become a formal sponsor, please be in touch at hello@filmsprout.org. 

To suggest a film, please send a note to hello@filmsprout.org. We aim to showcase new, feature-length documentaries whose narratives shine a light on acts of nonviolent resistance, and we look forward to considering your recommendation. 


Portland Mennonite Church
1312 SE 35th Ave, 
Portland, OR 97214